[Vph-roadmap] Teleconference meeting minutes and action-list

Ioannis Tsamardinos tsamard at ics.forth.gr
Fri Jun 26 17:47:05 EEST 2009

Dear friends and colleagues,

This email is a summary of yesterday's Roadmap teleconference and a
action-item list; it is meant for the people who were unable to attend, and
to make sure we are all on the same page. I would like to thank all of the
meeting participants for their comments, suggestions, contributions, and
their time. This email is my personal recollection and opinion of
yesterdays' meeting; I apologize if I misrepresent your suggestions and
please, feel free to correct me.

a) There was intense discussion regarding the future course of the Roadmap.
Are we on the right track? Is this the correct strategy for progressing? Can
we do something different/better? How can we reach a larger audience and
collect opinions of more people?

Overall, we decided there is no time to change something significantly
before the full first draft is created (July 15th). For next year, we need
to devise strategies for reaching more people and follow-up closely the
timely progression of the document. We specifically need to engage people
from the VPH-Initiative projects. Your suggestions for specific actions on
this respect are welcome. To help out soliciting opinions and comments, we
will write a "Why Care" paragraph with all the reasons we can think of for a
researcher to engage in the Roadmap effort.

The current strategy (decided collectively at the beginning of this effort
last year) is 

I) take the existing material of the previous Europhysiome "roadmap" (a
collective effort) and re-shape it for our purposes; specifically,
restructure it so that each section addresses a specific audience. This
produced some text to use in soliciting further opinions and suggestions

II) build an initial network (hierarchy) of people that are responsible for
specific parts of the Roadmap; have these people solicit the opinion of more

III) develop a full first draft that includes this year's NoE activities and
projected activities for next year

IV) Use this draft as a basis of discussion to reach a larger audience,
provoke discussions, etc.

We are now at step III.

b) There were no major objections regarding the structure and outline of the
document. Nevertheless, the language needs to be sharp, at the point and
comprehensible by a large and diverse audience. Vanessa suggested (and we
agreed) to include a section:

"How to Build a Community" (or of similar title)

on which she'll give a first shot at.

c) The sections

- Section 4: ICT Challenges
- Section 5: Clinical Challenges
- Section 9: Dissemination Models

have been updated and are available on the wiki

d) We are really looking forward to your contributions, *no later than the
30th of June!!! We will then merge them together, resolve any conflicts,
improve the coherence and submit a deliverable by *15th July*. 



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