[Vph-roadmap] Teleconference for the Roadmap

Eleni Christodoulou echristo at ics.forth.gr
Tue Jun 23 14:14:31 EEST 2009

Dear collaborators of the Roadmap,

_*There was an urgent need for the realization of a teleconference on 
the process of the Roadmap*_. We have created a poll at


where you could vote for the date and time that is most convenient for 
you. Today it is the deadline for voting so, based on the options of 
those of you who have responded, we consider that the most suitable time 
for the teleconference is on 
*Thursday 25/06/09, at 11:00-12:00 am (Greek time, thus CET+1)

*We are sorry for the ones who won't be able to be present at that time 
but it seems that the suggested time is more suitable for the majority 
of you.

In order to "connect" to the conference you should call
                 *(+30) 2810 391090
*and when prompted type the password
and say loud your name.
You will be connected after that!

Thank you very much for taking time to fill in the poll
Hope to "hear" most of you tomorrow at the teleconference. I highlight 
the importance of that.

All the best,
Eleni Christodoulou

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