[Vph-roadmap] Roadmap Updates

Eleni Christodoulou echristo at ics.forth.gr
Fri Jun 12 15:45:03 EEST 2009

Dear all,

After the VPH meeting in UCL on 9 and 10 of June, the need for the 
acceleration of some Roadmap related issues has risen. I am sending you 
the three principal documents which also exist on the *wiki 
1) The Roadmap outline and section allocation to section leaders along with
2) The document describing the contents of each section.
3) The Roadmap at its initial form, before any changes have taken place 
(Serge, I have received your feedback-so don't worry about that. I just 
have not incorporated it to the document yet because I am waiting for 
the rest of the contributions of the rest of  the group)

As far as the second document is concerned, I am discussing with my 
supervisors in FORTH Institute the issue of including a sub section in 
each section containing the up to now achievements in the respective to 
the section field. For the time being you can put it as a part of the 
"looking forward" section; say what has been done and what can be done 
in the future as a continuation of the already realized work. Next week 
we will send t you the final outline of the contents of each section. 
Please, don't feel obliged to write something if you don't have any 
results yet. It has to be noticed that this second document is meant to 
help you to write your section. The contents of each section apply in 
most cases; it is not feasible though to create a document that covers 
the special need of each section. Thus, if you feel that you need to say 
something more or something different than the key points referred in 
the second document please feel free to do so. Just send us all the 
information /*by the 25th of June*/ and we will wrap it up altogether.

Moreover, some of you were worried about where to put the references. 
Our idea is to put them all at the end of the document. but in this case 
too, all you have to do is to send us the references for your section 
and we will put them at the end at the final writing-up.

I remind you that those of you who have not created an account on the 
*wiki* yet, should enter with a username, *then send me this username* 
and I will then allow access to you.

I will send again reminders next week but I have to stress out that the 
deadline is approaching (15th July for the final writing up by the FORTH 
team) and we need to have your contributions as soon as possible and *NO 

*Thank you very much,
Eleni Christodoulou
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