Hi all,

I wonder about the phrasing of the examples (rather than the substance).

* The Capital of Russia (E4) [the capital of Russia is an administrative unit that moved in historical times from Moscow to St Petersburg and again back to Moscow. This examplifies and administrative unit changing place over time without temporal discontinuity]

The existence of the Capital of Russia 

(The phrase 'capital of Russia' sounds more like the actor or the geographic place)

*  The settling activity of the community of Hersinki (or Helsingfors) (E7) [the old settlement of Helsinki (or Helsingfors) was located in the area of the modern airport. The community moved later to settle on the coast. This exemplies a continued activity changing place over time without temporal discontinuity] 

* Bronze Period (E4) [Bronze Period spread out into disjoint areas including islands such as the British Islands without temporal discontinuity]

* The nation of Japan (E4) [In 2021, the Japanese nation comprises in 6852 islands extending along the Pacific coast of Asia]

The existence of the nation of Japan

Again, the straight phrase nation of Japan sounds more like E39 Actor or E53 Place.