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Here the equivalence between P43 has dimension and O12 has dimension. Since S10 Material Substantial IsA E70 Thing and IsA S15, it constitutes the overlap between O12 and P43. But O12 adds dimensions to events.

I have also added E numbers to the examples.


O12 has dimension (is dimension of)

Domain:              S15 Observable Entity

Range:                 E54 Dimension

Quantification:   one to many, dependent (0,n:1,1)



Scope note:         This property associates an instance of S15 Observable Entity with an instance of E54 Dimension that the observable entity has. 

It offers no information about how and when an E54 Dimension was established.



§  The earthquake of Mexico city in 2017 (E7) had dimension magnitude 6.2 Richter (Mindock, 2017, )[1].

§  The landslide that was activated in Parnitha in 1999 after the earthquake (E26), had dimension crest length > 70 (InGeoCloudS - INspiredGEOdata CLOUD Services D2.2 2012;D2.3 2013)[2]


In First Order Logic:

                           O12(x,y) ⇒  S15(x)

                           O12(x,y) ⇒  E54(y)

                           [O12(x,y) S10(x)]   P43(x,y)

      [P43(x,y) S10(x)]   O12(x,y)



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