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Here an attempt to improve the new scope note of S15 Observable Entity with respect to the confinement of event observation:

S15 Observable Entity

Subclass of:         E1 CRM Entity

Superclass of:      E5 Event

                           O10 Material Substantial

Scope note:                                    

This class comprises instances of E5 Event and O10 Material Substantial i.e. items or phenomena, such as physical things, their behavior, current state and interactions or events, that can be observed by human sensory impression as well as enhanced by using tools and measurement or detection devices.

In order to be observable, instances of E5 Event must consist of some interaction or action of material substance. In some cases, the spatiotemporal confinement of the event itself, such as a flash, a car stopping etc. marks the limits of a documented observation of an event. In other cases, such as the situation of a car passing by a certain object, the spatiotemporal limits of the event of observing itself, as well as the direction of attention or the orientation of used instruments, may constrain the observed detail of a larger process, e.g., i.e. noticing the sight of a car passing by, a light emission.


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