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Dear all,

This issue is about agreeing a rationale and a template based on which CRMbase and CRM extension examples will be produced. The working document for this issue is here:

The homework including annotated templates is here:



The vote is to decide on whether to adopt the homework document.

The possible votes are:

  • Yes = accept/agree
  • No = do not accept/agree
  • Other = With other you can either introduce a caveat (e.g.: 'Yes, but there is a typo on word x, fix it.') or you can write VETO, if you wish to stop the proposal, in which case you should also write a justification and reformulate the issue (e.g.: 'VETO, this change is unacceptable because it violates the following principle...')

Please send your e-votes by the 28th of June.

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