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Some scoping questions, that might be obvious or might help clarify the discussion…


The National Fire Protection Association is responsible for the safety diamond, that has Health (blue), Flammable (red) and Reactivity (yellow) ratings for the sample or area, each of which is measured from 0-4.   This seems like a quantified numeric value with a particular unit.  Is that then a Dimension, like:


_:x a Dimension ;

  P2_has_type <health safety> ;

  P90_has_value 3 ;

  P91_has_unit <nfpa_unit> .

I'd argue this can not be measured by calibrated means. hence it is not a Dimension, but a set of types, no matter that they are decorated with numbers.



Color can be measured, but to be useful has three component parts. Pure red could be expressed as 256 red, 0 green, 0 blue.  A type of redness, a value of 256, and a unit of hexademical color proportion (e.g. as per or the standard for sRGB)


This would be most usefully expressed as a partitioning of an overall color dimension.  This would be a second example of dimension partitioning to go along with non decimal unit systems (feet and inches, etc.) or currencies (florins, etc).

Yes, sure, valid. To be discussed in Berlin. Each custom datatype needs a syntax, and string function to take it apart. This should come from other communities that have solved the issue. Then we import this.









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