On 07/11/2018 17:47, Martin Doerr wrote:


E62 String

Subclass of:         E59 Primitive Value


Scope Note:        This class comprises the instances of E59 Primitive Values used for documentation such as free text strings, bitmaps, vector graphics, etc.


E62 String is not further elaborated upon within the model


§  the Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

§  6F 6E 54 79 70 31 0D 9E

 New scope note:

"This class comprises coherent sequences of binary-encoded symbols. They correspond to the content of an instance of E90 Symbolic object. Instances of E62 String represent only the symbol sequence itself. In contrast, instances of other subclasses of E59 Primitive value represent entities in mathematical spaces different from that of symbol sequences, by using binary-encoded symbols, such as date expressions or numbers in decimal encoding. For instance, different syntactic forms of a date expression may represent the same date, but different strings."

I would suggest:

"... but consist of different strings."

Otherwise, good!

Richard Light