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I’m new to this list, not a native English speaker, so my apologies for any grammar errors in my messages (hopefully orthography is covered by auto-correct )


I’m an archaeologist recently arrived at the Portuguese National Archives where we are discussing the replacement of our actual information system , based in a hierarchical model, by a new one on a relational model. I  have some experience of applying the CIDOC-CRM in museums and archeological datasets and it has been a challenge to model and explain the concept to my fellow archivists.


Recently the International Council on Archives (ICA) released a draft document <> that seems to go towards the CIDOC-CRM approach, even if it still tries to accommodate all the hierarchical  archival description concepts of their standards


The document is now open to comments and I’d like to know if there was any collaboration between the CRM Special Interest Group and the ICA Experts Group on Archival Description (EGAD). And, if not, what is your opinion on joining the discussion of this draft document in order to bring this organizations together on the path of content integration for all cultural objects.


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Maria José de Almeida

Técnico Superior / DSIAE