[Crm-sig] Issue 585 Embedding

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Wed May 11 11:01:04 EEST 2022

Dear All,

For today's discussion, please let me add that the class A7 Embedding 
has been interpreted wrongly in an overspecialized manner by some 
members of this Group. An instance of A7 Embedding is nothing else than 
the *substance **of the position* of *every *find within a Stratigraphic 
Volume Unit, *regardless whether this material* or shape has been 
*documented*. It is sufficient as abstract *reference of the relative 
position* of the find within the consolidated matter around it. It can 
be perceived as the ("thick") surface around the find, which 
*necessarily* exists before excavation. There exist however particular 
cases of archaeological investigation which analyze explicitly the 
embedding matter, for instance for chemical traces, or use the shape of 
the embedding for reconstructing decayed parts of the find. The class A7 
should *not *be understood to be designed for these exceptional cases 
only, but for every position determination of a find within a layer.

I hope this helps better understanding the examples.



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