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Tue Mar 1 18:24:08 EET 2022

Dear Martin,

> May be you live in a different world, or make things artificially complex
> for the sake of providing absolute answers, which do not exist.

Interesting claim.

> The CRM method requires research questions.
> My implicit research question is simple: How do I prove that I am married?
> Please don't tell me by observation😁.
> Just tell me how that works. For this question, for this kind of bond, in
> Europe today. Please answer explicitly.

Different cultures and different groups at different times set up
different systems and methods for initiating, terminating and recognizing
different social facts. It depends on the language game that you
participate in (late Wittgenstein, check it out).

Is CRM meant to model European culture today or to model cultural
historical facts in general?

> Then we can discuss, if the distinction I made is practical, common sense
> and useful for this question or not.

You seem to suggest an event or state exists only if a document exists.
This seems far from common sense.


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