[Crm-sig] HW 447 a7-embedding-as-a-physical-feature-like-entity

Christian-Emil Smith Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Mon Jan 31 11:44:01 EET 2022

447 ( https://cidoc-crm.org/Issue/ID-447-a7-embedding-as-a-physical-feature-like-entity )

In the 49th joint meeting of the CIDOC CRM SIG and SO/TC46/SC4/WG9; 42nd FRBR – CIDOC CRM Harmonization meeting, the sig decided that A7 Embedding will be declared a subclass of S20 Rigid Physical Feature. For a summary of the discussion points raised see here.

Necessary adjustments at its scope note and the propertes it appears in, in order for them to not clash with the semantics of the class will be done at a later stage (HW: CEO, AF, GH).

Please find the homework attached.


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