[Crm-sig] Open CRM-SIG editorial group

Athanasios Velios thanasis at softicon.co.uk
Tue Jan 18 18:32:00 EET 2022

Dear all,

The preparation of version 7 largely coincided with the disruption 
caused by COVID-19 which saw the CRM-SIG meetings moving online. In 
order to prepare for the online meetings and organise the work of the 
SIG an ad-hoc group was formed consisting of the chairs of the CIDOC-CRM 
SIG, the main editors of the then forthcoming version 7 and a 
convenor/secretary, in collaboration with the technical support team at 

The current members of the group are: Chrysoula Bekiari, George 
Bruseker, Martin Doerr, Christian-Emil Ore, Stephen Stead, Eleni 
Tsoulouha, and Thanasis Velios. This group organises the agenda for the 
SIG meetings and chairs its sessions, tracks issues, edits the CRM 
definition document and monitors the interaction of the SIG with 
external bodies.

The group needs to meet regularly and more frequently during the weeks 
leading to a SIG meeting. Each group meeting requires some preparation 
and members do their best to attend as many virtual meetings as possible 
and to deliver accepted tasks in time. We would now like to formalise 
this group by discussion and decision at the next SIG meeting as the 
"open CRM-SIG editorial group", a practical solution to engage community 
members that can devote enough time and work for this task, and to 
invite volunteer members of the community to join. We are pleased to 
welcome a new member already: Erin Canning.

If you wish to join the group please contact one of the listed members.

We also invite proposals on how best this group can function to support 
the community.

All the best,

Thanasis (on behalf of the group)

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