[Crm-sig] NEW ISSUE: "causal" in P14 scope note

Robert Sanderson azaroth42 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 19:32:25 EET 2022

Dear all,

A question came up in the Linked Art group today about the intent of
"causal" in the scope not for P14 carried out by.

The scope note reads, in its entirety:

This property describes the active participation of an instance of E39
Actor in an instance of E7 Activity. It implies causal or legal
responsibility. The *P14.1 in the role of *property of the property
specifies the nature of an Actor’s participation.

The particular scenario being discussed was the baptism of a child and
whether it could be said that the baby carried out the activity or was
merely a participant or present.  The child is a necessary participant in
the activity, but does that make their participation "causal"? Whether the
child is actively or passively participating seems difficult to determine
so we didn't rule P14 out on those grounds.

For such an important property, I think we could easily improve the scope
note :)


Rob Sanderson
Director for Cultural Heritage Metadata
Yale University
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