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Franco Niccolucci franco.niccolucci at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 19:19:37 EET 2022

Sorry, I hit “send” too early. Add to my previous comments the following ones.

In the third and fourth bullet points, collections are addressed. But the third point considers “cultural heritage collections” and the fourth “museum collections”, actually in the same copy-paste sentence. Is this difference intentional, or again a slip? I imagine in both cases “cultural heritage collections” must be used. 

By the way, in several passages, including one in the first bullet point, the verb “should” is used, If these statements are prescriptive, my rule is

must = to be done in any case with no exceptions
should = preferably to be done, but OK also if not
may = optional, do it if you like

In general, several “should” would need to be replaced with “must”.


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