[Crm-sig] About ... entity of Type?

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 10:35:16 EET 2022

Hi Martin,

> We use the “type" because it implies necessarily if it is a perdurant or
> endurant, person etc. If it does not, it is ill-defined, and has no place
> in a Thesaurus (see the AAT).

Unfortunately, I find many thesuri don't follow good ontological
principles, so we are forced for workarounds, but okay.

> If the categories of a thesaurus fit the CRM is a mapping problem.
> No problem for retrieval at all. Just a programmers job.

That job can be very expensive!

> Place types are relatively rare, such as "river" "lake", "city". The UMLS
> system e.g., listed some decade ago I think 10 or 20 million types, but
> less than 100 properties, corresponding to at most 200 classes. Therefore,
> P2 is not "cheap", but it does never replace meaningful properties.

"Cheap" in "Cheap and Cheerful" is not a denigration...



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