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George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 14:10:21 EET 2022

Dear Martin,

I'm glad to hear you have encountered such cases as well and find it a
potentially good path to explore. I find myself in a conundrum thinking
about (my own) proposal because of the vagueness of the word 'entity'.

What I find typical in many modelling exercises regarding bibliography is
that aboutness can be about the following real world, particular things:

subject - E55
geographic location / place - E53
person / corporation - E39

So already there is typically some breakdown of aboutness into different
main kinds of real, particular things that a work can be about.

When I reflect on the property 'represents entity of type', the examples
are all of endurants. This may be an accident but it makes me wonder about
whether a new specialization of aboutness to refer to 'things of type'
would best follow this general pattern (the entity could be a perdurant,
endurant, place etc.) or if the property would better be more specialized.
(is about temporal event of type, is about persistent item of type, is
about place of type).

It just occurs to me that in the context of retrieval if the property were
not more specific to perdurants / endurants etc. then it could be quite
difficult to sort out if you want to find works about events of type vs
works about things of type vs works about places of type etc. This is not a
problem when the aboutness property is about a particular because we can
use the class to differentiate. 'Given me E73 about E39'  automatically
culls the data down to the aboutness regarding actors. If the new property
pointed to E55, then we would not have this facility.

So... hopefully still a good idea but seems to have some complications to
be thought through.



On Sat, Jan 1, 2022 at 6:43 PM Martin Doerr via Crm-sig <
crm-sig at ics.forth.gr> wrote:

> Dear George,
> I think this is a very good idea. There are thousands of archaeological
> publications listing items etc. of certain types, often with reference to
> museums keeping them, but library practice will only register overall
> aboutness. Museum records cite such publications explicitly, but the
> inverse has never been exploited systematically.
> Cheers,
> martin
> On 12/14/2021 6:55 PM, George Bruseker via Crm-sig wrote:
> better phrasing, 'about a particular thing that is known categorically'
> Eg Sales Record about 'Sale Event'
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2021 at 6:53 PM George Bruseker <george.bruseker at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Recently work is on-going on a new property 'represents thing of type'
>> which is distinct from 'represents' (again that particular vs categorical
>> distinction).
>> https://cidoc-crm.org/Issue/ID-476-pxx-represents-entity-of-type
>> I am confronted with cases of an information object being about not a
>> particular thing but a category of thing... in my case event types but I
>> guess it could be object types. Of course the existing 'about' property is
>> sufficient but it doesn't allow to differentiate that it is not just a type
>> but about an as yet unknown X which was of type Y... It seems to me similar
>> to the other new property we are working on already.
>> Does anybody else have cases like this? Any interest in a new parallel
>> property like that OR a solution that requires no new properties but also
>> doesn't require semantic back flips to understand?
>> Best,
>> George
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