[Crm-sig] 54th CIDOC CRM and 47th FRBR CRM meeting (September, 2022; Rome)

Eleni Tsoulouha tsoulouha at ics.forth.gr
Mon Apr 18 12:54:10 EEST 2022

Dear all,

Please see below for the provisional programme of the *54th CIDOC CRM 
and 47th FRBR CRM meeting in September in Rome*. The detailed and final
programme will be confirmed during the summer.

*Location:* Faculty of Architecture, piazza Borghese 9, Rome

*Tue 13 Sep *
13:30-14:00: Registration
14:00-14:30: Welcome from Sapienza
14:30-16:00: CRM SIG Presentations
16:00-16:30: Break
16:30-18:00: CRM core

*Wed 14 Sep*
09:30-11:00: FRBR
11:00-11:30: Coffee Break
11:30-13:00: FRBR
13:00-14:30: Lunch break
14:30-16:00: FRBR
16:00-16:30: Coffee Break
16:30-18:00: Community

*Thu 15 Sep *
09:30-11:00: CRM core
11:00-11:30: Coffee Break
11:30-13:00: CRM core
13:00-14:30: Lunch break
14:30-16:00: Extensions
16:00-16:30: Coffee Break
16:30-18:00: Extensions
**Fri 16 Sep *
09:30-10:15: Martin Doerr: CIDOC-CRM and its extensions: final balance 
on the CIDOC CRM SIG in Rome
10:15-11:00: George Bruseker: Sharing Knowledge of our pasts: a 
practical look on the application and future potentialities of semantic 
11:00-11:30: Coffee Break
11:30-14:00: Round table: Interoperability and Ontologies (SIG + Stefano 
Della Torre, Politecnico di Milano; Donatella Fiorani, Sapienza 
Università di Roma, Stefano Francesco Musso, University of Genoa; Marco 
Pretelli, University of Bologna 'Alma Mater')


**_Options for discounted accommodation: _

*Sapienza Guest House, via Volturno **42, Rome 
_Prices_ (per night, with reservation made through the Department):
- single room € 50.00
- double room used by a single person € 60.00
- double room used by two persons € 65.00
- double room € 75.00 (with frescoes)
- studio flat € 80.00
The total rooms in the Guest House are 38. The deadline for booking 
accommodation is the 15th of May. *Please contact Donatella and Marta* 
(cc in the email)***directly.*

All the best,

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