[Crm-sig] New Issue: RDFS Implementation and related issues

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Thanks Pavlos, that's a great write up!

In case the discussion happens when I can't be at the SIG meeting (likely
due to timezone issues), my votes:

A - YES to the suggested scenario of creating a second file, that might
currently only hold this one alignment, but in the future might also map
between other core properties or classes. I'm okay with leaving it out
completely. I would be disappointed if it were left in, but not to the
point of a veto -- it's possible to ignore, just annoying to have to do so.

B - I'm okay with any of the results, so long as B3 (don't include them) is
also backed up with an OWL representation that /does/ include them.

C - YES. Also, FWIW, my code that generates a context file given the
ontology's RDFS:

    Which generates the context:

D - Would like to see what benefits a SHACL shape file would bring.


And the URI construction is a separate issue?


On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 8:46 AM Pavlos Fafalios via Crm-sig <
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> Dear all,
> I think there is no open issue on this (please let me know if this is not
> true), so I suggest opening a new issue in order to finalize the discussion
> on the RDFS implementation.
> Based on the discussion on the other email thread (title: "RDFS, XML and
> more"), I created the below google doc (homework) where the different
> issues are summarised. Also, *there are suggestions on how to proceed*.
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oq02aS8xENzGBJAdxlSJzX_n9CE43_Aycl8NttReqis/edit?usp=sharing
> There will probably be a slot on this at the forthcoming SIG meeting, so
> that we can make some final decisions.
> So, please kindly check the doc before the next SIG meeting and feel free
> to comment (especially in case I forgot something, or something seems not
> to be the case), or directly reply to this email.
> Thank you all for the contributions!
> Best regards,
> Pavlos
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