[Crm-sig] New Issue: RDFS Implementation and related issues

Pavlos Fafalios fafalios at ics.forth.gr
Wed Sep 29 15:40:03 EEST 2021

Dear all,

I think there is no open issue on this (please let me know if this is not
true), so I suggest opening a new issue in order to finalize the discussion
on the RDFS implementation.

Based on the discussion on the other email thread (title: "RDFS, XML and
more"), I created the below google doc (homework) where the different
issues are summarised. Also, *there are suggestions on how to proceed*.


There will probably be a slot on this at the forthcoming SIG meeting, so
that we can make some final decisions.
So, please kindly check the doc before the next SIG meeting and feel free
to comment (especially in case I forgot something, or something seems not
to be the case), or directly reply to this email.

Thank you all for the contributions!

Best regards,

Dr. Pavlos Fafalios
Postdoctoral research fellow
Project ReKnow <https://reknow.ics.forth.gr/> (MSCA Individual Fellowship)

Centre for Cultural Informatics / Information Systems Laboratory
Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)
Visiting Lecturer
Department of Management Science & Technology (MST),
Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)

Address: N. Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton, 70013 Heraklion, Greece
Email: fafalios at ics.forth.gr
Tel: +30-2810-391619
Web: http://users.ics.forth.gr/~fafalios/
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