[Crm-sig] New Issue Requests for "CRM SIG 51 CRM SIG/FRBR Joint Session 44" [12 - 15 October, 2021]

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 14:54:24 EEST 2021

Dear all,

The next CRM SIG and CRM SIG / FRBR joint meeting are rapidly approaching.
As usual, the CRM SIG welcomes proposals for new issues related to the
standard to be discussed / debated at the CRM SIG meeting.

In order to raise a new issue, you have simply to write to the CRM SIG list
(the email list you are reading now!) and include in the title the words
"New Issue" as well as a title for your issue. In your mail please present
the topic you would like to explore as well as any solutions you may
already have in mind.

Please submit your new issue request, using the above method, by Tuesday,
September 28th in order for it to be considered for the agenda. New Issue
proposals proposed after this date will not be considered at this SIG (will
have to wait for the next one).


George Bruseker
Co-Chair CRM SIG
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