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Dear Francesco, Richard,

I am a bit confused. Even though people wrongly call a gazetteer a 
"place name ontology", it has nothing to do with ontology, because it is 
a collection of particulars. A place is not a class.

I understand that the mapping exercise is a data transformation from 
Pelagios schema, rather than the data about places, to CRM (geo). That 
should be a question of X3ML.

Is or includes ontome.net a schema mapping tool with data tansformation 

All the best,


On 9/9/2021 5:41 PM, Francesco Beretta via Crm-sig wrote:
> Dear Richard,
> Notwithstanding a more authoritative response, we have developed the 
> ontome.net application precisely for coping with this kind of issues – 
> and providing in the end a RDF (XML-OWL) export of the mapping.
> So, if you're interested, we can exchange on this.
> Best wishes
> Francesco
> Le 09.09.21 à 12:46, Richard Light via Crm-sig a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> The Linked Pasts gazetteer group (part of Pelagios) yesterday 
>> expressed an interest in mapping their Linked Places ontology to the 
>> CIDOC CRM. What is the current state of the art for doing this sort 
>> of mapping?  The last time I was involved in such an exercise, the 
>> result ended up in a not-very-processible spreadsheet, but I have a 
>> feeling we can do better than that these days.
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
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