[Crm-sig] RDFS, XML and more

Francesco Beretta francesco.beretta at cnrs.fr
Thu Sep 9 18:46:15 EEST 2021

There was unfortunately a copy-paste issue in my email.

Le 09.09.21 à 17:35, Francesco Beretta a écrit :
> The P1 is identified by (identifies) 
> <https://ontome.net/property/1/namespace/1> property has E41 
> Appellation as range. This class is subclass of Symbolic Object and 
> Legal Object, therefore a E77 Persistent Item and not a E62 String 
> which is a E59 Primitive Value.
> Therefore an instance of E41 Appellation — rdfs:label —> '[label]', 
> right ? So it crm:P1 cannot be equivalent to rdfs:label?

I mean:

An instance of E41 can have this property:
E41 Appellation — rdfs:label —> '[label]', right ?

So the crm:P1 property cannot be equivalent to rdfs:label, right?

With my apologies


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