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An examination of the very first concept in the Linked Places example
document - FeatureCollection - brings up a couple of general questions.

FeatureCollection is actually a part of the GeoJSON-LD vocabulary:
https://purl.org/geojson/vocab#FeatureCollection. The Linked Places
structure uses a merry assortment of borrowed concepts, from GeoJSON-LD,
FOAF, Dublin Core Terms, CIDOC CRM, ..., as well as defining its own
unique classes and properties.  Should my mapping address the full
structure that will be encountered in a Linked Places instance, or just
focus on the classes and properties which are defined uniquely for the
Linked Places Ontology?

My second question only needs answering if the answer to the first
question is "map everything". It is: how do you map a FeatureCollection
to the CRM? My understanding is that a FeatureCollection (at least in
the context of Linked Places) is a set of gazetteer entries, each of
which is a [description of a] SpaceTime Volume, i.e. a place with
temporal as well as spatial characteristics, names, etc. This collection
will have been put together by an individual or institution, and may
have rights associated with it, e.g. Open Data licence. The 'collection'
concepts in the CRM seem to be more focused on physical objects - I
suppose this FeatureCollection is a collection of Information Objects. 
Anyway, guidance from those who understand the CRM better than I do
would be appreciated.



*Richard Light*
richardlight399 at gmail.com
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