[Crm-sig] New Issue: Non-human Actors

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Just for clarity (I'm not sure whether George's reference was to me), my argument was that there are many practical things we can do to encourage historical contextualisation with the CIDOC CRM without any model changes, which we should be paying more attention to, and this is related to the scope of traditional documentation practices and museum documentation worldviews. I think this is a significant and large issue. I will release a sub-committee statement addressing this during the week to the CRM SIG which covers wider contextualisation and issues like mutual respect.

I think I understand at a high level the broad issues on both sides of this argument, and I can see from the tone of the discussion that the disagreement requires further investigation, and I would certainly like the opportunity and time to talk to people and read about these issues myself.

It is key to me, and the reason I, and others, became involved in the ontology, that it adheres to certain scientific principles.

I think it would be helpful to restate these principles clearly so that at the very least we have a proper starting point for these discussions, which would also be helpful to anyone reading these discussions and wanting to contribute. I will initiate something along these lines.



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Hi Martin,

I'm also pressed for time but above wrote out an argument.


On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 10:17 AM Martin Doerr <martin at ics.forth.gr<mailto:martin at ics.forth.gr>> wrote:
Hi George,

I'd prefer to let the biologists talk about that. To my best knowledge
of real cases, this is a much debated question. For the time being, I am
sorry I have no time to provide details.

All the best,


On 10/12/2021 10:02 AM, George Bruseker wrote:
> On the expertise question, I am not sure if we required a biologist to
> be able to model the notion of Birth or Death.

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