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Achille Felicetti achille.felicetti at pin.unifi.it
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Dear Martin,

Our HW for issue 545.

A grapheme is atomic by definition as it represents the minimum unit (i.e., a unit that cannot be further decomposed) of a writing system.

Furthermore, the grapheme is a conceptual and non-concrete unit and is made manifest by the individual act (performance) of writing. For this reason, a grapheme of an actual text cannot exist. Instead, in actual texts we find glyphs that are precisely the physical manifestation of graphemes.

We hope this clarifies :-)

Achille & Francesca

> Il giorno 17 giu 2021, alle ore 15:02, Martin Doerr via Crm-sig <crm-sig at ics.forth.gr> ha scritto:
> Dear All,
> I think we need to distinguish the set of all possible atomic graphemes of a writing system, from the atomic grapheme, a grapheme sequence (or arrangement) of an actual text, and the grapheme set appearing in an actual text.
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