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George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 13:42:31 EEST 2021

Dear all,

In the last SIG I was charged with undertaking the incorporation of
Martin's notes on the issues management procedure document.

The issue is documented here:


The document was not accepted pending inclusion of Martin's notes.

Martin said,

"I think the procedure is a bit more varied. In the past, we had published
by e-mail several details, which can be summarized as follows, in addition
to this well-written text:

Anybody can raise an issue in the SIG or via e-mail."

GB notes: This is addressed in the paragraph issue raising rights. It is
already stated there as you say above.

MD says

"* It is either an open question or a decidable proposal."

GB notes

See changes highlighted in yellow in document.

Martin says

"* An open question should be discussed by e-mail and in the SIG."

GB notes

See changes highlighted in yellow in document.

MD says,

"A decidable proposal, published by e-mail latest 5 days before a SIG
meeting, can be decided in this SIG, if there is time, or the next SIG.

At any time, anybody can ask for e-vote for a decidable proposal,
short-cutting the SIG discussion. If there is a veto vote, it must go to
the SIG discussion."

GB notes:

Copied verbatim as per MD request into text under initial issue and
proposal formulation section.

MD says,

"At any time, a decidable proposal may be sent by e-mail or be formulated
in the SIG to resolve an issue open for discussion.  If it is formulated in
the SIG, it cannot be decided in the same meeting, but only in the next
meeting or via e-vote."

GB notes,

This is restating in a different way things that have been said in a
slightly different way already in the text. Have taken it to be just
additional explanatory material for this communication and not something
that would be part of the document.

MD says,

"Rationale: the whole community must be informed about any proposal to be
decided. It needs time to understand the consequences of a decidable
proposal.  In the SIG, we expect participants to be familiar with the
proposal in order to save time, but also that major objections could be
raised and published before the meeting so that they can adequately be

GB notes,

I assume this is explanatory material for our discussion and not for
incorporation in the document.

So I edited this document to include Martin's notes and it can be found


I will also mention there are substantial questions remaining in the
comments that we have not addressed the leave large ambiguities in our
procedure (quorum, voting rights etc.). Those might also be questions that
we wish to formally address before proceeding to any final approval of this
draft document.

For your consideration.


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