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Dear All,

Here some thought on "Observable Situations":

An Observable Situation can be perceived as the focus of an observer, by 
human senses or enhanced or mediated by technical instruments, on a 
constellation, an interaction or a dynamic behavior of things or 
sections of things of  material nature within a particular time-span and 
spatial extent. The observer him/herself may be directly involved in the 
latter or be receiving respective signals from these things of material 
nature. The focus of the observer determines the model he/she overlays 
over the observed reality in order to describe it in terms of distinct 
properties and value ranges parameters. The latter selection and 
projection from reality constitutes the content of a particular 
observable situation. Multiple observers may select different model, 
i.e. views, thing they put attention to, details and value systems to 
the same spatiotemporal area. Consequently, the observed situations may 
differ, but should, in principle, be compatible with a common reality in 
their overlaps.

  Categorical Examples:

  Sun rising over the horizon at a particular spot. A car passing by 
another car. A lightning. An air temperature and wind speed at a certain 
point and time. People being in a city, a house. Someone showing 
symptoms of sickness. A vegetation cover of a field. Someone eating. Two 
mountains being at a certain distance. Cars in a starting position for a 
race. The direction a compass needle shows at a particular spot.

To be formulated: how Obsevable entities must appear in models of 
observable situations.




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