[Crm-sig] 51st CIDOC CRM & 44th FRBR CRM SIG meeting [12-15 October]

Eleni Tsoulouha tsoulouha at ics.forth.gr
Fri Oct 1 16:05:25 EEST 2021


*Dear all,*


The51st CIDOC CRM & 44th FRBR CRM SIG meetingwill take place between 
12-15 October 2021on Zoom.

The meeting will spread over four days, each working day taking up to 4 
hours (estimated from 14.00 -18.00 CEST). For a (very draft) outline of 
the agenda,  see below.

12 October: XML/RDF, CIDOC CRM (14.00-18.00 CEST)

13 October: LRMoo (14.00-18.00 CEST)

14 October: CRMarchaeo, Belief Adoption (presentation), CRMinf, CRMtex 
(14.00-18.00 CEST)

15 October: NFDI Infrastructure (presentation), CRMgame-digital version 
(presentation), CIDOC CRM, CRMdig & PEM (presentation), CRMbiz, CRMsoc 
(14.00-18.00 CEST)

Like last time, each day will be split into two sessions.

Please take a moment to fill in 

Looking forward to seeing you at our next virtual CRM SIG.

All the best,



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