[Crm-sig] Question: How to model a 'file'

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Mar 2 23:46:23 EET 2021

Dear Daria,

I have the impression you never got an answer to this question, because 
it was filed by mistake under ISSUE 490, "How to model a file"!

The answer to your question is:

step 1 - modeling
step 2 - decision

Are Activity Types (E55 Type). Step 1, step 2 give positions in a 
framework schema, another E55, "Daria's Modeling Workflow".

If you instantiate step 1 - modelling, you create a particular instance 
of E7 Activity, has type :"Modelling (Step1)", with label "my first 
attempt" or so.
Same for step2.

Then you have the generic instruction, "return to step 1", which means, 
you create a new instance of E7 Activity, has type :"Modelling(Step1)". 
with label "my second  attempt" or so.

All the framework schema tells you, which inputs of the first attempt to 
reuse in the second, and what to change.

Please let me know if this answer is adequate!

Best wishes,


On 4/16/2020 11:30 AM, Дарья Юрьевна Гук wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I am not sure for clear understanding the model of "Activity", please 
> check it if the situation is repeatble (reality):
> step 1 - modeling
> step 2 - decision
> step 3 - return to the step 1 (re-modeling, improvements or renovation)
> The same thing exiats in digital world as in reality and even fixed in 
> State standrds (in Russia).
> With kind regards,
> Daria Hookk
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> the dept. of archaeology of
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