[Crm-sig] E-vote for issue 493 (example templates)

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I have a question, though. The guideline says:
"Each example should include a bibliographical reference using the Harvard in-text citation
guidelines ( https://www.citethisforme.com/harvard-referencing#harvard-in-text-citations ), if
it is not a commonly known fact. In particular, it should be not assumed that all cultures
using the CRM have the same historical background knowledge. Fictitious examples are
not preferred, but should be marked as such."

But there is no guideline how to enter the full reference. As a footnote/endnote? If no full reference is provided, the citation is meaningless...

Best regards

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Zadeva: [Crm-sig] E-vote for issue 493 (example templates)

Dear all,

This issue is about agreeing a rationale and a template based on which CRMbase and CRM extension examples will be produced. The working document for this issue is here:


The homework including annotated templates is here:

odt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YtZBSx5ZCOQ5ntFUf34TY-_aeR4OIrJY/view?usp=sharing

docx: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S6ZAy7Y3TO2ndNtJNkf-NrFeMpVNnXAj/view?usp=sharing

The vote is to decide on whether to adopt the homework document.

The possible votes are:

  *   Yes = accept/agree
  *   No = do not accept/agree
  *   Other = With other you can either introduce a caveat (e.g.: 'Yes, but there is a typo on word x, fix it.') or you can write VETO, if you wish to stop the proposal, in which case you should also write a justification and reformulate the issue (e.g.: 'VETO, this change is unacceptable because it violates the following principle...')

Please send your e-votes by the 28th of June.

All the best,

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