[Crm-sig] Issue 528: Guidelines and Protocols for Translating CIDOC CRM

Philippe Michon illipmich at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 15:47:14 EEST 2021

Dear all,

In anticipation of the SIG meeting, I wanted to inform you of the progress
of the work of the CIDOC CRM Translation Guidelines Working Group.

First of all, I would like to remind you that our current mandate is to
discuss issues related to translation, in particular questions relating to
methodology, protocols, and tools.

The working group is made up of 13 members who represent at least 8
different languages. I would like to take this moment to thank those who
have contributed to the reflection during these last two months.

The working group met twice. The first meeting made it possible to present
our respective projects in addition to initiating a reflection on the needs
that the group should address. The second meeting made it possible to
identify more clearly the needs and the documentation that we will have to
develop. We have also highlighted certain aspects that go beyond our

Without going into details in this email, we are considering the creation
of 5 potential documents:


   "Guide of CIDOC CRM Best Translating Practices" which will define the
   different levels of translation, the expertise required, the workflows and
   recommendations on how to properly develop a style guide.

   "Governance Guidelines" which will define the licensing options, a
   translation policy and rules to ensure quality translations.

   "Comparison and Update Protocol" which will make it possible to easily
   compare versions, in particular by explaining how changes will be tracked.
   This document will also include the mechanisms to ensure the improvement of
   the original version, in particular by the presentation of a clear
   communication protocol between the SIG and the translation initiatives.

   "Introduction for translators who are new to CIDOC CRM" which will serve
   as a practical guide for translators who are less familiar with CIDOC CRM.
   It is presently contemplated to reuse documents which already exist.

   "Tools and Interchange Protocols" which will define the technological
   aspects which will facilitate the exchange of information between the SIG
   and the translation initiatives. We think in particular the questions of
   formats, templates, styles, compatibility, updates, bibliography management
   and tools.

As mentioned above, some aspects are outside the scope of our working group
and for this reason, we would like to solicit the participation of the SIG
with regard to the following aspects:


   We believe that it is important to give visibility to translation
   initiatives on the CIDOC CRM website, in particular to be able to quickly
   identify current initiatives, but also to easily access the documentation
   that we are going to produce.

   We would also need your insight into governance, particularly in terms
   of licensing, the ecosystem the initiatives will be part of, and
   publication formats.

   We believe that a comprehensive glossary to cover certain ambiguous
   terms would be very useful to allow a quality translation.

   Finally, in order to facilitate the creation of references, direct
   access to the SIG bibliography on Zotero would be appreciated.

In conclusion, the next few months will be devoted to writing this
documentation and we invite those wishing to participate in the initiative
to contact us.

Everything will be presented to you in a more detailed fashion during the
SIG meeting; here is the visual support
that will accompany the presentation if you ever want to consult it in

All the best,

*Philippe Michon*

(he/il – https://name.pn/philippe-michon)

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