[Crm-sig] Issue 527 Modelling Provenance of Intangible Heritage

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
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Dear All

Here a few thoughts about issue 527, Modelling Provenance of Intangible 

We may define "intangible heritage" as living human memories:

A)    Memories and oral traditions about events, things, people

These can be treated as *propositional objects*.

The question of where these traditions originate is more complex. It may 
be associated with Groups, and would need a specific activity of 
transferring such *knowledge*, as well as creation. Paths of tradition 
may be known. Content variants pose another challenge, which may need a 
*core-variant relation*, or a *variant set*?

B) More varied will be myths, fairy tales and other oral fiction, and 
mixtures of fiction and history. There may or may not be a *historical 
origin*, as with the Odyssey and Iliad. We will need a policy how to 
talk about *unknown origins*, and evidence of *variant consolidation.**

*Very different are

C) Procedural knowledge and traditions (techniques, dance, music, rituals)

Music in particular will include musical motives, a sort of "symbolic 
object", and again *core-variant relation*, or a *variant set.
Groups as originators may work, but often the tradition also appears in 
areas where they live without differentiating a different group.

May be CRMsoc could provide a lighter construct of the social 
collectives involved and where they have acted?

All the best,



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