[Crm-sig] Issue 274: archetypical sounds

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 12:24:48 EEST 2021

I imagine I'm running fast at windmills here but I already prepared a
homework for this several sigs ago in which I list dozens of collections of
sounds. There is documentation and research on sound in CH.


What exactly are we searching for in this issue?

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> Dear colleagues,
> the examples of cataloguing the audiovisual information exist, and an
> expert gave it me:
> http://www.dapx.org/showservices.asp?ID=1003&fbclid=IwAR1MoBC2u07qVOGw5X3z2nZRjiu64SYAWDt6PQx-qlG8bRmmqkpPlo2srkE
> Details: Chinese standard includes 25 positions of metadata (code of
> archive, its category, level of invenorisation, unique identifier, file
> numver, name of the scan creator, date of digital copying, date of the next
> conversion/migration, permission, notes, address of real location, original
> носитель, mode of digital copying, copying device, software and OS, name of
> file, size of file, format, video parameters, audio paremeters etc.)
> Something similar was  proposed for the Russian archives.
> With kind regards,
> Daria Hookk
> Senior Researcher of
> the dept. of archaeology of
> Eastern Europe and Siberia of
> the State Hermitage Museum,
> PhD, ICOMOS member
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> Skype: daria.hookk
> https://hermitage.academia.edu/HookkDaria
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