[Crm-sig] Issue 274: archetypical sounds

Дарья Юрьевна Гук hookk at hermitage.ru
Sun Jun 13 17:21:21 EEST 2021

Dear colleagues,

the examples of cataloguing the audiovisual information exist, and an expert gave it me:
Details: Chinese standard includes 25 positions of metadata (code of archive, its category, level of invenorisation, unique identifier, file numver, name of the scan creator, date of digital copying, date of the next conversion/migration, permission, notes, address of real location, original носитель, mode of digital copying, copying device, software and OS, name of file, size of file, format, video parameters, audio paremeters etc.)

Something similar was  proposed for the Russian archives.

With kind regards,
Daria Hookk

Senior Researcher of
the dept. of archaeology of
Eastern Europe and Siberia of 
the State Hermitage Museum,
PhD, ICOMOS member

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