[Crm-sig] Issue 419: Activity plans

Achille Felicetti achille.felicetti at pin.unifi.it
Wed Jun 9 10:29:17 EEST 2021

Dear Thanasis,

I also tend to be in favour of your option 3 because in my opinion, the planning problem is transversal and concerns many disciplines and many areas, not just the social one. Recently, I have been working on the modeling of laboratory analyses, their preventive planning and the related definition of research protocols that require this type of approach.

But the same kind of planning is required, for example, for the preparation and 3D digitisation of objects and monuments in archeology and for many other similar activities.

I think that having an extension dedicated exclusively to this topic could have a general value and usefulness for many researchers and I would naturally be very happy if you could coordinate its development.


> Il giorno 8 giu 2021, alle ore 22:14, Athanasios Velios via Crm-sig <crm-sig at ics.forth.gr> ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> During discussions on the future of activity plans it appears that we have 3 options:
> 1) Activity plans to remain as part of CRMsoc. This makes sense since obeying laws and receiving penalties take place in societies and such things appear to match the model for activity plans. However, they are not central to the current CRMsoc discourse.
> 2) Activity plans to move to CRMbase. This makes sense given that Purchase is in core and there is an increasing amount of interest in business transactions, but again perhaps not central enough to the CRMbase focus.
> 3) Activity plans to become its own extension. This makes sense as it is a construct focussing on possible future events rather than past events mainly concerning the CRM and its extensions otherwise. Also it being a separate extension could create a space for business transactions.
> I support option 3 and I would like us to discuss this at the next SIG meeting and decide. I am happy to act as the maintainer of such an extension.
> All the best,
> Thanasis
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