[Crm-sig] Issue 537 Homework

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Tue Jun 8 13:01:39 EEST 2021

Dear Robert, All,

The current problem of S4 Observation is the single-property 
formulation, dictated by E13 Attribute Assignment, but compatible with 
INSPIRE and E16 Measurement. On the other side, it will never allow for 
observing distances. Therefore, in order to proceed the generalization 
of Measurement in CRMsci, we can take two paths:

A)Consider a minimal change in the definition of S15 Observable Entity 
and S4 Observation, generalize E16 Measurement with these definitions, 
and later revise S15,S4 to be a wider generalization. This will leave us 
with a consistent intermediate stage.

B)Begin with change in the definition of S15 Observable Entity and S4 
Observation, Issue 531, and then rework all properties.

I describe here solution A (a modification of the previous formulation 
of this issue).

I assume as background the change of S15 Observable Entity to superclass 
of E5 Event, S10 Material Substantial, by Issue 531

Change S21 Measurement to superclass of E16 Measurement.

Change O24 measured (was measured by) to superproperty of P39 measured 
(was measured by).

Confirm! O16 observed value (value was observed by) to be superproperty 
of P40 observed dimension (was observed in). It is no more inconsistent.

Declare O12 to be identical with P43 for E18 Physical Thing, which is 
the intersection of E70 Thing and S15 Observable Entity.

O9 observed property type (property type was observed by) : subproperty 
of P177 assigned property of type (is type of property assigned)

This relatively conservative readjustment appears to be the best way to 
detangle the issues 531 and 388 (Position Measurement)

Please check!



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  Honorary Head of the
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