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Dear All,

Attached my attempt to redefine Observable Entity so that we can measure 
distances between things!

If you do not open the attached, here the summary:

I reconsider Observation, Observable Entity and Situation in the light 
of the question, how to define Position Measurement. This leads to 
measuring distances as a “primitive”. Since this must be an observation, 
the fundamental problem that appears is that observations may pertain to 
constellations of multiple things.


The properties O9, O16 are problematic and too restrictive. Situation as 
a proposition set holding at a particular time is more adequate, may be 
a straight-forward generalization.

O9 observed property type (property type was observed by): S9 Property Type

O16 observed value (value was observed by): E1 CRM Entity

We should introduce:

Oxxx observed situation (was observed by): Sxxx Observable Situation

An “Observable Situation” would be a proposition set relating Observable 
Entities, with a validity time-span that must be within the time-span of 
the observation. To be elaborated. Examples: People talking to each 
other, vehicles approaching each other, a vehicle moving in direction x 
with speed y etc.

E13 can manage only one property at a time. Therefore, S4 Observation is 
not a subclass of E13 Attribute Assignment.

  We may need to consider an S4 Observation consisting of multiple 
Attribute Assignments. We can regard each propositions in the observed 
Sxxx Observable Situation to be result of an E13 Attribute Assignment. 
This can then gracefully collapse to a one-property observation.

This works, if restricting cardinality is a specialization ???

Then, an Observable Entity has a Dimension. In case of distances 
however, two observable entities share one Dimension. If we can 
formulate Dimension as a kind of Observable Situation (adding time and 
restricting cardinality), we can manage the generalizations.



  Dr. Martin Doerr
  Honorary Head of the
  Center for Cultural Informatics
  Information Systems Laboratory
  Institute of Computer Science
  Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
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  GR70013 Heraklion,Crete,Greece
  Email: martin at ics.forth.gr
  Web-site: http://www.ics.forth.gr/isl

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