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Wholehearted agreement. Even if they're expressed in different ways by
different representations of the conceptual model, if we can standardize
the URI then an RDFS description and an OWL description of *the same URIs*
can be used by different communities without breaking interoperability. If
we get RDF*, or other declarative technological models for describing graph
structures, then they too could describe the use of the URIs in their


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> Dear all,
> Many people try to use the CIDOC CRM in order to build sustainable,
> reusable data sources and connect into a wider linked open data web.
> When they do so, they would like to easily be able to find / use the URIs
> for the classes and properties that the standard declares.
> The official documentation does not include this information in a handy
> way.
> Proposal for discussion: include the URIs for the classes and properties
> as clickable links that resolve to the online space where they are
> maintained in the word/pdf specification.
> Discuss!
> Best,
> George
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