[Crm-sig] evote: Issue 535 example of Pxxx represents instance of type

E. Tsoulouha tsoulouha at ics.forth.gr
Fri Jul 2 14:29:32 EEST 2021

Dear all, 

According to the decision for issue 535 in the 50th CIDOC CRM SIG
meeting, the first example of_ Pxx represents instance of type_ should
be reformulated in order to capture the fact that the thing represented
is an unnamed instance of a particular type --which means that the
representation illustrates the characteristics of one particular
individual, rather than features normally associated with a specific
type of thing. 

The vote is to decide on whether to accept the example, following
Martin's reformulation. 


The top right image on page 87 in the book 'Pharaoh's Birds' by John
Miles (E36)_ represents instance of type_ hoopoe (Upupa epops) (E55). 
[This image is a reproduction of a photograph. The same book shows at
the top of page 35 an image representing an unnamed ancient Egyptian
relief depicting a hoopoe and other 'Birds of the Marshes'. In contrast
to the photograph, the latter image of the ancient Egyptian depiction
shows intentionally typical rather than individual characteristics of
the respective species, and therefore should be associated with the
property _P138 represents_ with the species name hoopoe (Upupa epops)].
(Miles, 1998) 

[* citation here: Miles, J. (1998) Pharaoh's Birds. A guide to ancient
and present-day birds in Egypt. Cairo: The American University in Cairo
Press. ISBN 977 424 490 7] 

The possible votes are: 

* Yes = accept/agree
* No = do not accept/agree
* Other = With other you can either introduce a caveat (e.g.: 'Yes,
but there is a typo on word x, fix it.') or you can write VETO, if you
wish to stop the proposal, in which case you should also write a
justification and reformulate the issue (e.g.: 'VETO, this change is
unacceptable because it violates the following principle...') 

Please send your e-votes by the 18th of July. 

All the best, 

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