[Crm-sig] Argument for an Instrument Class (and its property)

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 12:53:41 EEST 2021

Dear all,

I am working on a conservation science modelling project in which the users
document also their machinery. Something that comes up is that they want to
document the kind of property or variable that is measured by the machine.
This is a property of the machine, what it can do (dunamis).

We of course already have p103 was intended for

I already make use of this for the purpose of documenting the general kind
of method the machine can be used for.

But when you run the machine, it tests for certain variables and produces a
resulting output which is a digital record of a signal carrying that

This reminds me of some elements from CRMSci and from CRMdig

CRMSci has observations that look for property types:

S4 Observation
O9 observed property type E55


We also have in CRMdig both a class for instruments (digital ones)

D8 Digital Device

and we again have a notion of an observation kind of event measuing a kind
of thing

D11 Digital Measurement Event
L17 measured thing of type E55


So, anyhow, putting that all together, I note:

people document their scientific machines and what they do
some of the properties pertain to the machine (it may measure only these
there are several references to such a property already in crmsci and dig
but placed on the event.

So I wonder, for discussion, is there an interest in an instrument class
(possibly beginning a bridge between sci and dig) which would not just be a
leaf node but have its own substantial properties. I suggest a first one
might be something like 'measures property/variable of type'.

This is not yet a proposal for such a thing, just an invitation to
discussion for those who are interested on the potential utility of such an


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