[Crm-sig] ICA Records in Contexts-Ontology (RiC-O) source files, diagrams, examples, and a small information web site, now on GitHub

CLAVAUD Florence florence.clavaud at culture.gouv.fr
Fri Mar 27 13:09:59 EET 2020

Hi all,

I hope you are well in this time of epidemic.

I would just like to inform you, as some of you might be interested, that ICA (International Council on Archives) Records in Contexts-Ontology (ICA RiC-O) source files are now available on GitHub, with some diagrams and examples, in the following public repository:

This is only a first step. ICA EGAD (Expert Group on Archival Description) will add more files to this repository (more RDF/RiC-O example files and diagrams, hopefully coming from some users; SPARQL queries examples, etc.).

The GitHub repository comes with a very simple information web site, that any person can easily access, and whose aim is to provide information on RiC-O - the kind of information that cannot be included in the internal documentation of an ontology (why use RiC-O, events and presentations, projects and tools, etc.)
The web site is there: https://ica-egad.github.io/RiC-O/

Of course the current public release of RiC-O is and will remain accessible there, through its IRI:
No need to use the Github repository for accessing it.

Best regards,

Florence Clavaud
General curator, head of the Office of Authority records and Vocabularies, Archives nationales de France
Executive member of ICA EGAD, lead of RiC-O development team

Merci de nous aider à préserver l'environnement en n'imprimant ce courriel et les documents joints que si nécessaire.
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