[Crm-sig] NEW ISSUE: [Sci] Labels of O19, O21

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Fri Mar 6 01:56:32 EET 2020

Dear all,

At a recent Linked Art meeting we discussed how to model “find events”, and S19 and O19 were agreed upon as the correct modeling constructs.  We also discussed why S19 is an “encounter” rather than a “find” or “discovery”, as is very well described in the scope notes for the class.

However, the properties of S19 would benefit from some attention towards consistency.  If S19 is encountering, then it seems counterproductive to have O19 as being “has found object” and O21 “has found at”, undoing all the good culturally sensitive work of explained in S19.

I would propose that O19 and 21 be relabeled to “encountered object (was object encountered by)” and “encountered at (witnessed encounter)”.

Many thanks for your consideration,


Dr. Robert Sanderson,  Semantic Architect  |  Getty Digital  |  getty.edu<http://getty.edu/>
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