[Crm-sig] Issue 426 Homework: Work on scope note for Pxx holds or supports

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Thu Jun 25 16:50:39 EEST 2020

Scope Note

This property relates one instance of E18 Physical Thing which acts as a
container or support for another instance of E18 Physical Thing. Typical
examples of E18 Physical Things which are intended to function as a
container or support include shelves, folders or boxes. These containers or
supports provide a stable surface which is intended for other physical
objects to be placed upon for storage, display, transport or other similar
functions. Pxxx holds or supports is a shortcut of the more fully developed
path from the domain E18 Physical Thing through P59 has section, E53 Place,
P53i is former or current location of, to the range E18 Physical Thing.  It
is not a sub-property of P46 is composed of, as the held or supported
object is not a component of the container or support.

This property can be used to avoid explicitly instantiating the E53 Place
which is defined by an instance of E18 Physical Thing, especially when the
only intended use of that instance of E18 Physical Thing is to act as a
container or surface for the storage of other instances of E18 Physical
Thing. The place’s existence is defined by the existence of the container
or surface, and will go out of existence at the same time as the
Destruction of the container or surface.



   Archival folder “6” (E22) _holds or supports_ the piece of paper (E22)
   carrying the text of a letter from Alloway to Sleigh

   Artist’s materials box “VG6” (E22) _holds or supports_ Van Gogh’s paint
   brush 23 (E22)

   Storage box “VG” (E22)  _holds or supports_ the artist’s materials box
   “VG6” (E22)

   Bookshelf “GRI-708.1” (E22) _holds or supports_ the book “Catalog of
   Paintings in the J. Paul Getty Museum” (E22)

And Christian-Emil kindly provided the first order logic:

    Pxx(x,y) ⊃ E18(x)
    Pxx(x,y)⊃ E18(y)
    Pxx(x,y) ⊂ (∃z) [E53(z) ˄ P59(x,z) ˄ P53i(z,y)]

Rob Sanderson
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