[Crm-sig] Homework Issue 476 (represents entity of type)

Robert Sanderson azaroth42 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 16:29:36 EEST 2020

Yesterday we agreed that the scope note for Pxx represents entity of type
should be clarified to separate it from just P138 directly to an E55 type.

My attempt to do so for discussion in session 3 tomorrow:

Scope Note:

This property establishes the relationship between an E36 Visual Item and
an E55 Type that represents the class of entity which it visually
represents.  This property is used when the identity of the specific entity
being represented is unknown or unidentified beyond the content of the E36
Visual Item. Pxx represents entity of type is, thus, a shortcut of the more
fully developed path from the domain E36 Visual Item through P138
represents, E1 Entity, P2 has type, to the range E55 Type.

This property is most useful when there is an entity of any type being
depicted that is not identifiable as any single individual, but is clearly
of a particular type. The image carried by a photograph of an unknown
garden would depict many flowers, but none of which are known as entities
beyond the photograph. Conversely, if there isn't an individual that could
fill the role of the E1 Entity in the fully developed path, then this
property is not appropriate, and a direct relationship of P138 represents
from the E36 Visual Item to the E55 Type is recommended.

 The manner or mode of the representation can be captured using Pxx.1 mode
of representation.


    The photograph’s visual content (E36) represents an entity of type
beach (E55)

    The sculpture’s visual content (E36) represents an entity of type woman

    The landscape painting’s image content (E36) represents an entity of
type field (E55) in the manner of background (E55)

Rob Sanderson
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