[Crm-sig] Change CIDOC CRM Symbolic Logic Representation of Implication and Equivalence / If and Only If

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 20:16:23 EEST 2020

Dear all,

In the course of doing editorial work for CRM base version 7.0 a discussion
was launched on the symbols used in the FOL representation of CRM,
particularly the characters for implication and for equivalence / if and
only if.

They have until now been represented as:

implication  ⊃
equivalence / if and only if ≡

It is now proposed that they be represented as:

implication  ⇒
equivalence / if and only if ⇔

Both forms of notation are used in different communities. The argument for
making this change is that the horseshoe confuses people who work in set
theory, and the proposed new symbols are well known and do not clash with
other symbol sets.

In order to vote on this issue, please use the following form.


Please vote by June 19th.


George Bruskeer
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