[Crm-sig] Proposed CRM SIG Meeting in Rome (2021) - VOTE

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:01:53 EEST 2020

Dear all,

We have received an offer from Marta Acierno (Dipartimento di Storia,
Disegno e Restauro dell'Architettura) to host one of the meetings of the
CRM SIG at the Università Sapienza di Roma. Decisions of this sort are
usually taken in full session of the CRM SIG, but in this case there is a
deadline for submitting documents in order to receive funds to support the
meeting, so we need to proceed to an email vote.

Therefore, I am sending you the following questionnaire. Please reply if
you approve or not the holding of one of the CRM SIG meetings (all things
being equal) in Rome next year:


Obviously, there are many contingencies between now and 2021, but we should
plan with relatively positivity and adjust accordingly. Please reply, one
way or the other, by 11/6/2020


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