[Crm-sig] 47th CIDOC CRM and 40th FRBR CRM SIG - (Virtual Meeting) Registration Form

George Bruseker george.bruseker at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 17:50:08 EEST 2020

Dear all,

On behalf of the CRM SIG, I am pleased to invite you to the 47th CIDOC CRM
and 40th joint FRBR CRM SIG meeting. This CRM SIG meeting was planned to be
held in Liege, however, given the course of events, we have decided to hold
the meeting virtually.

[Register here: https://forms.gle/2VKTLgUevY7pqNoh7 ]

While present times are challenging for everyone in different ways, we try
to create a small positive result, taking the opportunity to hold the first
virtual SIG meeting, and see what positive new practices we can build

The ad-hoc CRM SIG Editorial Team (Martin Doerr, Chryssoula Bekiari,
Christian-Emil Ore, Steven Stead, Thanasis Velios, Eleni Tsoulouha and
George Bruseker) which was temporarily constituted at the end of the last
SIG meeting in Athens to handle editorial matters related to producing
version 7.0 of the CIDOC CRM standard, has also been working hard to try to
figure out the best way to hold a virtual meeting that will work.

We are thus pleased to invite you to a two day, virtual meeting that will
take place using Zoom.

The new meeting dates are:

   - 24/6/2020 Meeting Day 1
   - 26/6/2020 Meeting Day 2

The format of the meeting days will be as follows:

   - 9.30 -11:00 CEST Session 1 {Video Plenary}
   - 15 minute break
   - 11:15-12:45 CEST Session 2 {Video Plenary}
   - Lunch Break
   - 14:00 - 15:30 CEST Homework {Breakout Session Offline}
   - 15:30 - 17:00 CEST Session 4 {Video Plenary}

The idea is to have 2 sessions discussing issues in the morning, then allow
a break for lunch and for people to work on homework (offline) that may
have arisen during the sessions. There will be a final session in the
afternoon to follow up on the homework and discuss further issues.

The main focus of this meeting will be tying up the loose ends and issues
in order to be able to release a new official, community version of CIDOC
CRM base (7.0) including its serialization. Other issues raised as of
highest priority to the community will also be pushed up the issue queue.

Since the methods and procedures for running a successful virtual meeting
are a work in progress, we have proposed two days of meeting time with a
space in between, allowing for maximum flexibility in working out our new
operating procedure.

With the above said, we would like to ask you to fill out the following
form, indicating whether you are able to attend.


In the new meeting format (for which you will receive further information
closer to the meeting, along with a full, precise agenda), we will rely on
google drive and docs for managing notes and decisions. Therefore, it would
be helpful if you can document your gmail address (or google linked
account) in this form, so that we can offer you editing rights to the

Wishing that this email finds you well.


George Bruseker
Vice-chair CIDOC CRM SIG
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