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Dear Philippe,

CHIN has been one of the founding members of CRM-SIG, actually the 
formation of the CRM-SIG took place in Ottawa during the CIDOC 2000 
Conference. Patricia Young played an essential role in our understanding 
of managing large amounts of cultural heritage data and in the shaping 
of the CIDOC CRM itself from its conception in 1996 on. Kati Geber later 
continued as active and valuable representative of CHIN in the CRM-SIG.

Since CHIN never resigned from being member of CRM-SIG, but just did not 
have an active representative, it is a great pleasure for us just to 
register and welcome you as new representative of CHIN in CRM-SIG! We 
are looking forward to your participation in our discussions, virtual 
and physical meetings, to learn more about and from your projects, and 
to take up your contributions.

With best wishes,


On 5/9/2020 2:46 AM, Michon, Philippe (PCH) wrote:
> Dear Martin and Chryssoula,
> George has perfectly introduced CHIN’s LOD projects mobilizing CIDOC 
> CRM. For more context, CHIN is a Special Operating Agency within the 
> Department of Canadian Heritage. Part of our mandate is to guide 
> museums in their documentation and standardization processes. CHIN has 
> started to explore Linked Open Data and CIDOC CRM in 2014-2015, and I 
> joined the team in October 2018 to concretely start the development 
> phase. Before this, I was working at the Province of Quebec's 
> Department of Culture on similar projects. In fact, I have been 
> interested in CIDOC CRM since 2013 when I started my master’s degree 
> in digital history.
> CHIN is currently working on what we call a target model for 
> representing actors (in the sense that CIDOC CRM imparts to that 
> concept) related to Canadian museums' collections. We hope to release 
> our work in the coming weeks and I would be glad to share it and get 
> your valuable input. I also noticed that CHIN was involved in early 
> discussions around CIDOC CRM and the SIG and would be happy to reweave 
> these links more formally.
> Kindest regards,
> Philippe Michon
> Semantic Web Analyst
> Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
> Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada
> 1030 Innes Road, Ottawa (Ontario) K1B 4S7
> Philippe.Michon at canada.ca <mailto:Philippe.Michon at canada.ca>
> Tel: 613-998-3721 ext. 225 or 1-800-520-2446
> Analyste en web sémantique
> Réseau canadien d'information sur le patrimoine (RCIP)
> Ministère du Patrimoine canadien, Gouvernement du Canada
> 1030 chemin Innes, Ottawa (Ontario), K1B 4S7
> Philippe.Michon at canada.ca <mailto:Philippe.Michon at canada.ca>
> Tél. : 613-998-3721 poste 225 ou 1-800-520-2446
> *De :*George Bruseker <george.bruseker at gmail.com>
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> *À :* Martin Doerr <martin at ics.forth.gr>; Chryssoula Bekiari 
> <bekiari at ics.forth.gr>; Michon, Philippe (PCH) <philippe.michon at canada.ca>
> *Objet :* Introductions - Philippe Michon - Semantic Web Analyst at CHIN
> Dear Martin and Chryssoula,
> Good morning. I hope you are well in Crete. I am writing to introduce 
> you to Philippe Michon. Philippe Michon is the Semantic Web Analyst 
> for the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN). He is leading 
> the team putting together the semantic web strategy and roll out for 
> CHIN is developing a number of projects that will adopt CIDOC CRM in 
> order to facilitate their role as a national aggregator for museum 
> information. At present, they are spearheading this effort with the 
> aggregation of persons related data in a project called Makers in Canada.
> Philippe has the backing of his director for CHIN to officially 
> participate in the CIDOC CRM SIG and would like to be in touch with 
> you about how he should proceed. I have already informed him that the 
> next meeting will be virtual.
> With you all a pleasant day.
> Sincerely,
> George

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